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We are just getting started in Miami and are excited to bring our mission of community support created through the sale of ads to Miami businesses. Miami businesses buy ads for themselves with the knowledge that 70% of the money is used to create content to promote positive things in Miami. Our first two community support coverages were of the South Miami Hospital's 5K Run on May 31st. CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS COVERAGE and a little known, but amazing wildlife animal encounter place called Safari Edventures. KidZone Host, Izabella went on location to give you a tour. CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS COVERAGE  
We went on-location for hours and created a You Tube Video and photos and placed the content on a SeeMyBeach page where they will reside forever to commerate this event and attraction. If you like what we do, please support the Miami businesses that make it possible. We will do as much in Miami as the business community allows through the purchase of ads. To suggest a Miami business CLICK HERE to learn more about our program and watch a video from our own Gina Carballo.

Notice! Our Miami section is pre-selling now and sections will not be complete. Please suggest a sponsor in the Miami area by emailing or by calling 305-240-7600.

Our first 'Pay It Forward' gift is to Thomas Armour Youth Ballet as gifted from Ocaquatics Swim School.

Please check out some of the videos we have filmed in Miami as we get this section ready. CLICK HERE!
Request coverage for your event or a 'Pay It Forward' package (non-profits only) by emailing
New Sponsors: Ocaquatics Swim School--Footworks Miami--Fit 2 Go Meals--Espe Designs--Math Monkey--The Learning Tree of Arts--Dogapy-Doggy Masseuse--
Call 305-240-7600 or email for Sponsorship information.

Our next category will go here as new sponsors join our program.


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