Friends was built on a idea that “For Profit” businesses have a responsibility to be leaders of change and progress in the world and that includes having an aspect of “For the Community” as a vital part of the business model. Our program allows each and every business who become sponsors our site to be part of our mission to make the world a better place for humans and animals. Our “Friends” program is for businesses and individuals who want to go a step further and support our mission in a greater level than just buying an ad. The people and businesses you see listed below contributed to our mission without receiving anything return other than the satisfaction of being part of a company that is working hard to make a positive impact on our world and their community.

Robert Fuchs
We discovered R.F. Orchids not long after we began covering Homestead and found it's property to be one of the most beautiful we have ever seen, not just in Homestead, but anywhere. Robert has won countless awards for his passion of Orchids and his desire to share them with the world. Ric joined Robert on a tour of the garden and enjoyed hearing Robert's excitement to share the beauty of his property with others. Robert is one of the rare clients that is a sponsor and also a coverage location. Robert has said on many occassions that he appreciates the mission of and is excited that we are shining such a positive light on the town that he loves so much. Our Homestead section was growing slower than the other communities on and we were not being received well by the local business community. We told Robert we were likely to pull out of Homestead and list it on our site as a side-note like everyone else does and he asked us to reconsider and he felt that Homestead should be a focus and not a side-note. Robert wrote a check for $5,000.00 and said that it was a pleasure to give back to the community of Homestead that has given him and his family so much pleasure over the years. He is the reason we made the decision to stay and invest in Homestead.

Bob and Barbara Gintel
Bob and Barbara Gintel have been involved with philanthropic endeavors for many years and have made it a mission to support causes that are contributing to the individual community and the world. We met Bob at the dedication ceremony for the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, whose mission has continued through a generous contribution from Bob and Barbara Gintel. Their philanthropy continues today as Bob Gintel has a program called Bob's Chipper's that allows people to buy a bag of chocolate covered potato chips and have them sent to a wounded warrior in the hospital. The program began with Bob Gintel simply paying for all of the chocolates and sending them in his name, but realized how much more meaning the program would have if the chips came from individuals all over the country. They hope the program will go national and touch more and more lives. Bob expressed initial interest in our program after he saw us providing free coverage for the Wild Bird Center Dedication and doing other positive things in the community and called and asked for a meeting. During the meeting Bob asked what we need to help in our efforts and we said that new equipment would be great as our equipment takes a beating from constant on-location coverage. Bob donated $5,000.00 to our company to help with our cause and commitment to making the world a better place. We told Bob that we would recognize their gift in videos filmed in the Florida Keys and he said not to. He gives only for the satisfaction he receives from giving and that is his reward.

Ocean Artist
The World's Premiere Ocean Artist, Wyland has been a longtime supporter of the mission of and has been quoted as saying 'Wyland and working together to save the planet and to make the world a better place to live for humans and wildlife'. When told of our rate structure and sponsorship plan for businesses, he said 'Every business should want to be part of See My Beach'. We have covered Wyland's Mayor's Water Conservation Challenge in Islamorada and several of our people have interviewed Wyland. To bring a focus to the needs of the Ocean animals, Wyland has painted over 100 Whaling Walls, with his final wall in Bejing, China. Wyland now resides in Islamorada, Florida and spends his time painting, educating and enjoying life. On multiple occassions, most recently the 'Tee Off Fore Rescue' event in Homestead. Florida Wyland has generously donated to causes that we brought to his attention. To further our cause, Wyland donated $2,500.00 for our general community support fund.

Clyde Butcher
Photographer Clyde Butcher has been part of almost as long as we have been online and we have interviewed him at his gallery in Venice as well as his uniquely situated gallery at Big Cypress in the Everglades. During our first interaction with Clyde, we were amazed at the quality of his work and devotion to quality and attention to detail. We filmed a short segment that people love where Clyde explains why his photographs have to be black and white and why they have endured as documents of the nature he loves. Fans of Clyde will enjoy his stories behind the photos and what he sometimes has to go through to get the perfect photo. Clyde is a fan of and always refers to it as the 'SeeMyBeach project' because he says that it is bigger than just a website. We agree with Clyde and constantly try to keep quality and integrity in all we do. Clyde donated $2,500.00 to our efforts to clean the environment.

Jaclyn Kelley

Ashley Lawrence

Chris Gillette

Fabien Cousteau


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