Request a Report

You read it right!

Let us know as much information as you can about where you will be staying and we will do our best to get a current video shot as close to where you are staying as possible. A specific hotel, house or landmark works best. After it is shot, we'll post it here for you to view the actual beach you will be seeing very soon with your own eyes! (After our first submission below, we need to ask you to give as much advance notice as possible when requesting a beach report. We will schedule it out and record it a few days before your trip giving you the most accurate view of the beach possible) 

We are considering a trip to Destin on or around Thursday the 14th. We are planning to bring our dog and we have heard mixed views about Destin's dog friendliness. (Please fill me in) Sorry for the short notice, but a friend just sent me a link to your site today because she knew we were heading that way. We have not defined where we are going to stay yet, so if you have recommendations, please let me know that as well. We are from Antioch, Tennessee and are looking forward to a few days in Destin.
Mia G 
Hey Mia,
It's Jacqui and I'm glad to hear that you are making a trip to the Destin area. The dog friendly news is not very good in Destin, but if you are not strictly set on Destin, Panama City Beach is very dog friendly and even has a dog beach. When you get a moment, look at the video from December 29, 2010 and you'll see a beach report from dog beach. We are going to be doing a sponsored beach report from a rental unit in Beach Pointe in Destin tomorrow. (I think the unit is dog friendly) We will also shoot a personalized report for you tomorrow. I'll email you when it is ready!
Thanks so much! Jacqui
Your Beach Report is up and we hope you like it! Go to and click on Request-A-Report and you'll see it.
I am amazed that you actually went out and created a video just for me! I will tell all of my friends about see my beach and will post the video on my Facebook.
Thanks again, Mia

I was sent a link to your site by a friend and think what you are doing is pretty neat. If I am understanding this properly, you will actually film a report based on where I am staying. I am planning a trip to your area this weekend (sorry short notice) and will either be staying in Seaside or Panama City Beach. I've been trying to decide where the beach is in the best condition and if your site can help me with this, I will be forever grateful. My wife has contacted home rentals in both areas and they both say their beach is fine, but we're hearing another thing on the news. Feel free to suggest another area if these are not in good condition. We intend to be in town from Saturday until Tue. or Wed.
Thank again and if this is too short of notice, I understand,
Jeff L.
Atlanta, GA
Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the Beach Report request! You are our very first one, so we'll do our best to get them shot, maybe tomorrow.
Thanks and tell all of your friends about!
Hi Jacqui,
Jeff here...I'm sorry it took me so long to thank you for the extremely  detailed beach report. We ended up staying in Seaside because the water looked better than it did in Panama City. Thanks so much for the report because I was able to make an informed decision on where to go and it made our trip fantastic. The water and the stay was perfect. Maybe we'll do Panama City next time.
I'll spread the word about see my beach!

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