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Hi SeeMyBeach, My family had a great time in the Florida Keys and the information we got from your site made all of the difference. We went to the Diving Museum with our dog after seeing your site dog going there and it was a fun experience with our dog exploring and having a blast. Another highlight was staying at Chesapeake Beach Resort after watching the video with 4 manatees in their lagoon. There was much to do and I love having SeeMyBeach as my new resource. I was told by a friend about SeeMyBeach and am now telling all of my friends. Thanks so much from Janet and family and Loretta the dachshund! - Janet D.

Cant wait for Feb.27 HEAL! - Pam Caputo

We learned about the Doggy Model contest you are doing in the Florida Keys. My wife and I have a beautiful Maltese that has Doggy Model written all over her. The man we met said that only people as far as Homestead could enter, I hope you'll have a contest in Miami next. If so, please call me at 305_ _ _-_ _ _ _ or email _ _ _ _ _@bellsouth.net - Alan M.

I just ran into Megan and Miranda from your site DreamingofDestin.com at the Destin Commons and I cannot believe how they have aged, haven't we all? My daughters were in a Megan and Miranda Show called "Pump Up The Volume" 3 years ago and we are so glad that although the show has stopped, you are leaving the videos up. Thanks, Lily - Lily H.

My son took photos with Mako at Math Monkey in Miami and it seems to be the photo he is most proud of. He had a great time taking photos of a dog wearing sunglasses! - Maria Q.

I wanted your video of Library Park in Islamorada and my family visited it for the first time after many trips to Key West. In the future we will plan a magical bathroom break on the way to Key West. Thanks, I am learning so much from your site! - Kristen N.

Why EVERY business should want to be part of our program! __________ COVERAGE REQUEST: Hello, I met a fellow from your organization at a Chamber of Commerce function at Patty Mull's. He said that you sometimes video activities of non-profit organizations at no cost. The Keys Community Concert Band performs free concerts monthly November-April each year. Musicians include residents and snowbirds, high school students and retirees -- all volunteering because of a love of sharing music with others. We would very much appreciate a video of one of our concerts! I have attached a poster of our 2015-2016 Season. Our next concert, Jingle Bells Rock, will be December 12. If you have any questions, my phone is 305-853-_ _ _ _. __________ OUR RESPONSE: Hi Donna, That would have been Ric. I'll let him know of your request and I'm sure we can work something out. When we get requests like this, we let our sponsors know and usually one of them will become a signature sponsor for the event and pay for the video. All of our sponsors agree with our mission to help non-profits. If one does not step forward as signature sponsor, we can take the coverage money our of out general fund. You'll probably get him for the Jingle Bells one because he is crazy for Christmas. His wife jokingly says that he is like Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation, except that at least Clark has some limitations. He'll probably give you a call later today or tomorrow. Thanks for your request. ~Jacqui Moore __________THE ANSWER: Hi Donna, I am very pleased to announce that one of our Founding Partners, Paul Keever, the owner of Key Largo Cottages and Key Lime Sailing Club is familiar with your organization and feels that you make a great contribution to the community and has funded the coverage for your December 12, 2016 concert. He will be out of town and will not be able to make the event, but is happy to help your organization by providing this coverage. (I have copied him on this email) Ric will want to get together with you prior to the event as we like to know the timeline of all aspects of the concert to be sure we feature everything you would like. We will produce multiple videos and photo content and you will receive a permanent page on SeeMyBeach.com, which Mr. Keever has also paid for. The videos will be posted on You Tube and may easily be shared on any website or social platform. You will also receive 2 Blurays of each video for in-house use. SeeMyBeach.com sponsors join our mission with heart and concern for their community. Thank you and we look forward to December 12. Jacqui Moore - Donna Heiner-Keys Community Concert Band

I really enjoyed the video and photos from the Christmas Parade at the Christian School in Islamorada. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time! Evelyn _________ - Evelyn

I know several owners of the businesses on your site in Siesta Key and they love being involved. I am curious why businesses in homestead would not be interested. Please post a list. - Elena

I also very interested to see who would not sign up for this brilliant program, is there a way to get a list? - Luis Sanchez

I would love to know. I have seen your people volunteering at several events in the Keys. I think what you do is great. - Kalli

Yes, please list - Juanita

RESPONSE TO MARIA G. Hi Maria, Thanks so much for the positive comments and we actually get asked that a lot. I'll bring it up in a meeting and you never know. The main thing to remember is to always do business with the Homestead businesses that support our mission and let them you appreciate their support. More support for us, means more support for the community of Homestead. We will consider your request. - Stephanie

Hi, I am writing in reference to the website seehomestead.com. (I hope it gets there from here) I wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you for what you are doing in our community. I recently met Rick while he was making a video for This is the Dog, a great local organization and he told me how your site works to help the community. I have spent quite a bit of time there and have seen many videos and other information where you are doing a lot of good here and other places. While asking how the site makes money to do the free videos and such, he said that you are having problems selling ads in Homestead while overwhelmingly accepted elsewhere. I was wondering if you could publish a list of the businesses that did not want to be on your site. I really like what you are doing and hope I could mention you to the businesses that would not buy an ad. Maybe we could encourage them to reconsider. My phone number is 305-(edited) Maria G_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Maria G.

RESPONSE TO FRODS: Thanks for your comment! We are excited that Jack liked Mako and the other dogs. Letting dogs interact with each other is a great thing and teaches them tolerance. I've forwarded your email to Ric and he was pleased and said to tell you thanks for the best wishes to him and Mako. He returns the wishes as well. Big kisses to Jack and your family from the staff of SeeMyBeach.com! - ~Jacqui

hi I was at the park last time with my three kids and our 3 month old puppy jack and he got along with the other dogs even mako and my daughter kennya got along with mako to.she was happy to finally have other dogs around her.i wish you and mako the happiest and most lucky day. - frods

NOTE OF THANKS TO SEEMYBEACH SPONSORS AFTER OUR COVERAGE OF ZUMBA FOR THE PAWS: Hi Ric: thanks so much for all of your videos/pics you did yesterday, you and the sponsors of SeeMyBeach.com were so generous to help and also to agree to work with us in the future......can you please send me photos of Dominick and Bonnie since I need to get them posted on facebook and any others that came out well. Also pics of the event in general and volunteers. Thanks, Barbara Chain of Love Abandoned Everglades Dogs -

Hi, I live in Homestead, Florida and you made a video at our favorite restaurant, Royal Palm. My mom happened to be there and she was in the video. She was so happy to be in the video and thinks she is now a star on You Tube! Thanks so much. Arlene - Arlene

It was a surprise for our wedding in September 2011 as Ric wanted to do our video and it was a blessing in disguise because no one could be at our beach wedding which was fine, so they all watched on Youtube...Thanks Ric for providing my parents memories - Wes and Tammy

Hey Ric, My name is Stephanie and I was briefly speaking with you at (edited) today. I remember the great work you did with Gateway Animal Rescue a few months ago. As a fellow dog lover, I can appreciate the work you have been doing with several dog communities around Florida. At ThisIsTheDog!, we are not a huge organization- just a group of volunteers hoping to create a better world for humans and other animals alike. I hope your event went well with Limo Bob tonight and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Stephanie May - Stephanie May

Hi Jacqui, We took Ricks advice and went to Cafe Venice and we thought it was great. There were 6 of us and only 2 had room for dessert, although there were a few sampled bites! Your site is really looking good and I always send people there. Thanks, Callie - Callie

SEEMYBEACH.COM RESPONSE ABOUT CHANCE THE CHIMP: Hi Kerri, I sent a request for an update about Chance and received this from the Big Cat Habitat. "Chance lives with Pam Zoppe, he is fine and happy, recently did a film with Leonardo DeCaprio !!" - Jacqui

can someone please update on how and where is chance the chimp now? - Kerri Matlock

was a pleasure meeting rick yesterday at Gilberts. I have a few pictures of him "in action" - sue

SEEMYBEACH.COM RESPONSE TO RILEY: Hi Riley, Thanks for your submission and for attending the event. We have posted most of the photos, but may have missed a few. Please send an email and attach a photo of you or tell me the location and background of where the photos were taken. I'll be sure we post any that we may have. - ~Jacqui

Will you be posting more photos? Your cameraman took a photos of my family but I didn't see it in the gallery pages. - Riley

I was surpried at how good a job the kids did on the pictures. Great job! We should always teach our kids to support our troops. - Lindsey

I loved the videos of the Military event! My friend Sophia was in one of them! - Jackie

Hey Jacqui Good Morning, First I want to tell you the pictures were phenomenal. Can you send me a copy of the S.W.A.T. Pictures that we took? I saw one of the pictures that was only on the motion page, but it was not on the site pics. I’d greatly appreciate it. Please keep up the great work with the website. I heard nothing but great things about your company while I was there. - Det. Lewis C. Hosch-S.W.A.T.

Thank you for being at our Military Appreciation event in Homestead. We were happy to have the opportunity to show everyone how wonderful our area is and what a supportive group of leaders we are blessed with. I nearly cried when watching the video with Elvis Maldonado because he is a local boy who has a love of Homestead and a desire to see us prosper. We are glad to have the notice of your beautiful website. - Laura

Hi I am from Homestead and I would suggest you video at Military Apprecitiation next weekend. It is here in Homestead. - Miguel

Hello, I was at gilberts on mothers day and there is a photo of my family that I would like to have. Is there any way I can get a large vercion sent? My email address is (edited) thank you - Ann

We were in Venice this weekend and met Brie from your company. We have seen videos of her at Casperson Beach and recognized her right away. She was so nice and took photos with my daughters. We ate at Cafe Venice and it was so good! Thanks for your website. - Wendy

Thanks for the videos of the Boat Run this Saturday in Key Largo. Everyone had a lot of fun and we really appreciate your editing out my husband bumping against the pier at (edited-we only name sponsors) because I know your cameraman got it on tape! - Mindy

I loved the videos of the Fun Run at Gilberts last Saturday. The whole day was a blast. I still most wished that I could have met Klaus... - Rhonda

Hey, you guys were awesome! Thanks for the great videos of the Fun Run in Key Largo. It was a great time. - David

Hi, Love this site, thanks! It was sent to me by some friends in Islamorada. We're coming to the Keys in June and will be visiting your sponsors. I read how this site works and will support them. - Pamela B.

Hi seemybeach, I was at the Tee off fore rescue" event in Homestead and have seen the video and photos. I have also looked at some of your videos from other areas and really appreciate what you are doing for the community. I will suggest a few businesses in Homestead that may be a good fit for your site. Our area in very nice, but unknown. I'm glad seemybeach is paying attention to us and look forward to more Homestead videos. Oh, I loved the Robert is here videos. He is such a nice man and a great story for the area. - Denise

The Regs at Gilbert's were AWESOME. We just went by for lunch on our way to Key West and were pleasantly surprised. We sent the video link to our friends and said that we had only been in the Keys for an hour and were already local stars. (We're dancing in videos) ps-I love this site. - Julie

Loved the Regs videos and photos. I DO like the way your videos move around the band. - Bea L.

SEEMYBEACH.COM RESPONSE TO VALERIE S.: Hi Valerie, We appreciate that! All of our websites have the highest rating on Web of Trust and from other organizations that monitor family friendly content. Our sites will always be that way. - ~Jacqui

Hi, I just wanted to say "thanks" for providing a website that is so family friendly. I appreciate that my children can explore your site without worrying that they will be exposed to adult material. People do appreciate it. - Valerie S.

awesome pics and video-we love the regs! - sue

Hello, I was at Gilbert's Sunday for the Regs concert and was looking at the videos and photos. You asked how we like what you call Fly on the Wall coverage. At first I was not all that impressed because at times I felt the camera was moving too fast, but it quickly grew on me. I enjoyed seeing the perspective of the band looking out at us. I could see myself as the band did since I am in the videos. I am new to this style of video, but it did give a feeling of actually attending the concert. So, I give it a "Thumbs up" - Lois

SEEMYBEACH RESPONSE TO ANGELA L: Hi Angela, Your comment wasn't too long, we loved it! I just called and read it to Ric and he said for you to tell your grandmother that he was serious that she was very pretty. Great to hear that people are talking about our program. I just work here, but it makes me sick when businesses say "No" to our mission. Be sure to visit our "Media Kit" below and see what they say "No" to. It is pretty amazing and I always ask Ric to let me know who says no, so I never go there. I also tell my friends to avoid places that limit our ability to help the community. Tell your friend from the Conch Fit that there was money for coverage of their event because of the support of our fine Islamorada sponsors. ONLY give our sponsors your money, because they said "Yes" to our program! - ~Jacqui

SEEMYBEACH RESPONSE TO LISSA T: Hi Lissa, Thanks for your response and you are welcome! (Ric is always out working and I respond for him) We need help getting sponsors for your area because we already have 7 requests for FREE coverage, but we can only do as much as the businesses in Homestead will allow through their support of us. We've already told one event "No" in Homestead which marks the first "No" in our history. Sponsor support makes it happen. - ~Jacqui

Hi, We were at Gilbert's a few weeks ago and your photographer was taking photos on the beach and paid special attention to my grandmother and she has not quit talking about how he insisted on getting her photo and told her that she looked nice. She has been in a good mood ever since. I have spent some time on your site and think what you are doing is fantastic. Coincidentally, I mentioned your site on Facebook last weekvand one of my friends said that you sent a crew out to film at a charity fundraiser she was involved in called Conch Fit in Islamorada in the Keys. She said that they had tried to get some press, but was told no by everyone else since it was a new event and they were needed elsewhere. Someone from the Islamorada Chamber told them about your program and that you produced videos and photos and give ad space to non-profits at no charge. She said said they are well on the way to having a major event next year and the promotional page on seemybeach is exposing them to many new people. I appreciate what you are doing and appreciate your reading this lengthy comment. I hope more business take your lead and make community support a part of their everyday business. - AngelaL.

Hi Ric, I just wanted to thank you again for covering the "Tee Off Fore Rescue" event in Homestead. I saw the video and photos and the event looked like great fun. You did it well! - Lissa T.

SEEMYBEACH RESPONSE: Hi Larry, I'm glad you received good advice from Mike this time! Ric is actually working in Homestead right now and we hope to have new sponsors soon. We are going to insert some basic ads for Coral Castle, etc. and will begin video and photo coverage as soon as sponsors join. (Only The Whistle Stop Restaurant has joined so far) Keep watching and we'll have content soon. There is so much more in Homestead than you would ever believe and I live in Waterstone...in Homestead! - ~Jacqui

Hi seemybeach, I was at Smuggler's Cove recently and the owner, Mike, whom I know from Venice said your site is great and is doing wonderful things to expose their community. I explored it some tonight and think it is as great as Mike said. The question I have is that we passed the City of Homestead both ways, of course and only stopped at the Racetrac to get gas because we assumed it would be higher in the Keys. Do you have any idea when you will start working in that City? We're coming back in June and saw from the introduction to the area that they have Coral Castle Museum and Monkey Jungle. We had no idea that Coral Castle was just a short drive from the interstate and would have loved to visit. We'll try to make it on our next trip. I like your site and I'll have to call Mike and thank him for the one piece of good advice in the 28 years we've know each other...Larry - Larry S.

Hi guys, Thanks so much for the videos and photos of the "Tee Off For Rescue" event in Homestead. I live in Key Largo and literally avoid Homestead because of animal problem. I hope they get a shelter. - Katrina S.

Hi, I saw some photos of the Florida Keys that someone had repinned from your Pinterest account. The area looks even more beautiful than I thought. Hope to make it there one day... - Marcy K.

Hello! Wow, thanks for the recommendation for Cafe Venice. We absolutely loved the restaurant and the food and service was absolutely incredible. Do not miss the deserts! - Lauren G.

SEEMYBEACH RESPONSE: Hi Marion, Our favorite place in the Destin area is actually on Scenic Hwy. 30A (Just minutes from Destin) Their website is www.30suites.com and their phone number is 850-499-5058. Have fun! - ~Jacqui

Hello, We heard about seemybeach from a website called dreamingofdestin.com. We are making a trip to Destin and there were not many accommodations options. Do you recommend anyone in their area? - Marion

I love your website! My friend from Venice sent me a link to a video of the drum circle and I stayed on and watched videos for about 2 hours. I really appreciate the detail and I have been telling everyone on Facebook to check you out. - Jamie

Hello, You took photos of my son and husband at the Conch Fit event at Smugglers Cove and even featured my husband in a video. Thanks! We will spread the word about see my beach! - Gina W.

SEEMYBEACH RESPONSE: Hi Lisa, Thanks for the positive comment! We are funded by local businesses that buy sponsorship ads. They get the ads and we use part of the money to create positive content for their community. What you can do is learn who our sponsors are and give them your business. They truly are the best in their community! - ~Jacqui

Hi seemybeach, I met your people at Conch Fitat Smugglers Cove in Islamorada. I have seen your people at numerous events in Key Largo as well and think it is wonderful what you doing for our community. I don't completely understand how you afford to do all of this, but we appreciate it. Lisa M. - Lisa M.

Hi I just watched a video from your coverage of the Martinis and Makeovers event in Siesta Key and think you are doing so much to promote these charities. It means a lot. Allie - Allie

Hello, I just wanted to send you a note on some advice that made our trip to Seista Key so much better. Prior to leaving Atlanta, we watched a video on your site about Cafe Venice in Venice, which is less than a half hour from where we stayed in SK. We actually wanted to stay in Venice, but the kids were deadset on SK. Anyway, we all went over to Venice and explored Caspersen Beach (Learned about it from your Bree) and had such a good time. The people in Venice were amazingly nice and the kids were pleasantly surprised and agreed that next year it was Venice and not SK. The old people do know some things right? I think the highlight of the entire trip was Cafe Venice. The food was so good it is hard to describe and the owner, Kay spoke with us at our table for a considerable length of time although they were busy. To sum it up, we enjoyed SK, but felt special in Venice. As I've heard in several of your videos, the team at seemybeach thinks there is something special about Venice. I can't recommend the area enough. Next year, Cafe Venice will be the first thing on our list instead of the final night of the trip. Maybe we won't wait until next year. Dr. Martin Atlanta, Georgia - Dr. Martin

FROM STEPHANIE: Hi Robin, Sorry, but Mic does not have a Facebook page. Although he is a Present Day Shaman, he is not computer...let's use one of his words "aware". He does have an email address. (We check it for him and respond at his direction) It is shamanmic@seemybeach.com Thanks for watching the Shaman Mic Show, Only on SeeMyBeach.com! oh yes, and You Tube! - SeeMyBeach.com

Hi see my beach! I received an email about your new setup (not from you, but from a friend) and I think you guys are doing a wonderful job. My mom was in a video (she was interviewed) in Venice last year and we have not heard the last of her newfound "You Tube" fame. You are great, keep doing what you are doing! Nat - natalie merchant

Does Mic have a Facebook page? - Robin

Hi, I love the new setup! I find it much easier to get to what I'm looking for. Like the perfect vacation spot, probably in the Keys this year. I'm thinking Key Largo... - Jill

FROM JACQUI: Hi Melissa, I really appreciate the comments and you are so welcome for our efforts. The people that really need to be commended are those like you that make helping people a mission in life. Thank you for what you do. We appreciate your using our "Sponsors" and hope you let them know you appreciate their support of our site. The success of SeeMyBeach depends on several things. We have to have businesses that buy with "Heart and Vision" and not numbers. (Businesses get a full ad package with a video for a nominal rate and 70% going to the community...we thought none would say "no", but many have) The only way to win is to take money from them and give it to the better businesses in the community, our sponsors. And, please tell them thanks. Without them, I could have never spent about (literally 12 hours) pulling strings to get your requested items accomplished. The more sponsors we have, the more we can do. Again, thanks so much for what you do. -

Hi Jacqui, I want to tell you that I really appreciate what you do at seemybeach.com. Our organization recently went through a struggle and we expressed a specific need to you and we were completely amazed that you took the time and effort to contact a few people who would not give us "the time of day" and made a few things happen. Please keep us anonymous online, but understand that your effort made an amazing difference in our goal to keep women safe. I hope and pray that people understand that your advertisers do so much to help those in need. My husband and I always seek out the businesses on your site and hope others do as well. Melissa - Melissa

FROM RIC: Hi PSH, An honor to be remembered, thank you. I caught the clue. Actually Video Empire...Watch you all the time. Take care, Ric -

hi smb, i'm a big fan of the site and I recently met Morgan from smb in Venice. She so cute and nice. I really appreciate what you guys do. I want some smb merchandise! Shirts, bumper stickers, where are they? I recently requested 500 of the handout cards and received them in 2 days, thanks! Wanda - Wanda

Hi Rick, We met many years ago "loving liza" and when in Mobile recently I was told about this site. Very good. I remember the store empire video and have a few good memories. Thanks for the "to go" box. PSH - PSH

Wow, that's awesome, Jacqui!! Thank you so much...what an honor it is to be featured on your site :):) Many thanks, I'll pass it along to everyone. Julie President of Girls Gone Green - GIRLS GONE GREEN

To whom it may concern: SeeMyBeach.com created videos and photos for Island Breeze Inn in Venice, Florida and we were so pleased with the results and how a web presence has increased our room rentals that we recently bought a new package from them for our new property, Island Sun Inn" Alan Wells: General Manager of Island Breeze Inn and Island Sun Inn, Venice, Florida - Alan Wells

CONCH SCRAMBLE: This looks like so much fun! We tend to go straight to Key West, but will have to stop at Smugglers Cove on our next trip. I'd love to make it to the Conch Festival next year. -

You guys are great, it was great meeting you today Ric! - Dan

Ric from Seemybeach.com you are amazing ! Too much fun Tito and me had with you - Renata and Tito Gaona

I watched several videos from the Conch Scramble and thought it was a wonderful event. I live in Key Largo, but have heard nothing about it. I'm glad there is more promotion because I would love to attend next years event. Mary - Mary H.

Ric, Thanks so much for your support at Capt. Skippy's 70th BIRDday Party benefiting the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center. The pictures and videos were great....Thanks for your help to "KEEP THEM FLYING!!!" - Joan

Hello Ric! Could you send me pics that you took from the XF500 with a seemybeach watermark? Justin would like to post them on his page! Nice to see you again, your work is GREAT! Maybe we will see you in Miami, if not, I'm sure you will be at the Wyland Wall restorations. - Missy

You guys rocks at SeeMyBeach.com! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT :)) - Sylvie

Theater of the Sea was very fun and not at all a rip off as we feared. We saw the video and felt ok going. It was a nice part of our trip. - Alexis Steurer

Hey, Rick! This is Bruce Baiza... we (were driving the Harley Davidson) met at the "Lookout Lodge" on Tuesday. The website looks great! - Bruce Baiza

This is Awesome! I have seen so many people paddling boarding and haven't tried it yet. Now that I see how easy it is (easy enough for 'Mako' to do it too) I have to give paddle boarding a try! - Sonia Wiseman

I love the circus movies! That looks like so much fun. I'm trying to talk my parents into coming to venice next summer. - Kristen N.

Hi Jacqui! Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures! You hit the ball out of the park! I was just taking a chance to receive any response, and am blown away by your efforts. The pictures are wonderful, great quality, and my wife and I couldn't be happier. Thank you again for the quick response, I never expected anything like this. We live in Pittsburgh, Pa, and have a place in Sarasota that we make it to about 3 times per year. We have been visiting Sarasota since 2008, and really enjoy the area. We will be back in Sarasota March 28th, 2012, and look forward to maybe catching the Shaman Mic Show if possible that week. We have become very familiar with him and the Sarasota area and all of the happiness that it brings to our children. Please thank Ric for taking the great pictures, and once again Thank you for going through all of the pics and finding the ones of us!!! We totally forgot that there was one of our family. Sincerely grateful, Victor Bell - Victor Bell

Taylor and Lilly rock - Ruth A

JACOBS AQUATIC: Thanks for your coverage of Jacobs Aquatic in Key Largo. I live in Key Largo and have been telling some friends how great it is and now they have been able to watch the video and see for themselves. Thank you, Martin - Martin

I would like to thank your sponsors. It is comforting to know that some businesses put people before money. - Liz B.

Thanks for the advice on Theater of the Sea. We added to our To Do list after seeing the video and photos. The Dive Museum looks fun too, but we will have limited time. We like and appreciate what you are doing and hope you are able to expand to other beaches soon. - Amy D.

I really liked the video of the manatee. I have never even seen one in real life. I hope to make it to the florida key's one day soon. - Alicia

Hi Jacqui, Thanks so much for posting our recent action alert on the SeeMyBeach web site. As always, we very much appreciate your help in getting the word out to your web visitors! Sincerely, Nancy Sadusky Director of Online Communications SaveTheManatee.org - Nancy

I love the photos of Lazy Days restaurant on your home page and can't wait to see the video (I clicked on their ad and it says "video is coming soon") I'll check back. Thanks for showing me the great places to go on vacation. I've heard of a place called Bahai Honda in the Keys. Will you be visiting there? - Lucy

Hi Terri, Yes, there is a charge of $12.00 for adults, Kids 5-12 are $6.00 and under 5, free. They are open 10-5 daily. It is worth the time to visit! - SEEMYBEACH.COM RESPONSE TO TERRI M.

I just watched the (very long, but good) video of the Dive Museum. I pass it all the time but had no idea there was so much to see. Is there a charge for admission? Terri - Terri M.

SEEMYBEACH.COM RESPONSE TO BRUNO FROM VENICE INFORMATION CENTER: Hi Bruno, Nice to hear from you, thanks for the positive comments. Navigation and making things easy to find is always a battle for us...There are several ways to find the show. I'll insert them below. Take care, Ric 1-Home Page: Scroll down on the search panel on the left side and you'll see a link to the show. 2-Videos: Visit the Venice Videos page, scroll down and you'll see a graphic link to the show. 3-Search from any page: You can just enter "shaman mic" into our search box and you'll see a link. 4-(Coming Soon) There will be graphic links in the Siesta Key and Venice home pages. Look for them next week. - Ric

BRUNO FROM VENICE INFORMATION CENTER: Hello Rick, Please share with me how to find Mic's show? Keep up the Great Work!!! In best interest, Bruno - Bruno

SITE COMMENT: Hello, I have been visiting see my beach for about 6 months now after someone at the city of Venice sent me a link and said how great the site has been for their city. I have spent quite a bit of time exploring vacation spots on see my beach and also reading about how the site owners hope the site can become a positive effect on the community. I hope this effect can grow because our country needs as much help as it can get. We did make the trip to Venice I referenced earlier and had a great time. We spent two weeks at the Horse and Chaise B&B and used many of the advertisers on this site. Every single experience was incredible. Our dog loved the dog beach and went in the ocean for the first time. Our children loved the many Parks and danced at the Drum Circle. I am writing this comment because after watching some of your videos on the Florida Keys, we are considering it for our next vacation. I know you are new in that area and was wondering when you would have more advertisers? We were also wondering when would be the best time of year to come where there may be less crowds, but still good weather conditions? While in Venice, we met many of your advertisers and it was amazing to hear how they were so proud to be part of something where their community benefited from the money they were spending on their ad with you. I want to spend as much of our vacation money with your advertisers as possible and encourage others to do so as well. In Venice I had this feeling that I was contributing to the community in my own small way. Thank you for this opportunity and for what you are doing to be a responsoble business in these uncertain times. Celeste R. - Celeste R.

Morgan is lovely. Would like to see more of her videos. Thank you. - ruth bentley

DICK'S SHOES: Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I was in Venice last week and went by Dick's Shoes. I love shoes, so I had to make Dick's one of the stops on our trip and it was certainly worth the visit. Their selection is very good and I love the shoe "bonus" plan to get a 7th pair free. Thanks for letting me know about them! Arlene - Arlene K.

LORELEI'S CABANA BAR: I love the photos of Lorelei in Islamorada. The beach area is beautiful and I love the way people can eat directly on the beach. Can't wait until we can go to the Keys! - Christy

ISLAND BREEZE INN: Hi there, We learned about the Island Breeze Inn in Venice through seemybeach and decided to stay there on a recent trip. Thanks for the recommendation because we loved the motel and the staff. The prices were reasonable and the rooms were immaculate. Their proximity to "everything" made our trip even better. Thanks seemybeach. (We would really like to know more about small, clean, inexpensive accommodations in your other beach areas) - Monroe

THEATER OF THE SEA: Hi seemybeach, I was referred to your site by someone that was present during your filming at Theater of the Sea. When I clicked the link she sent I started watching the video and was shocked that the time of the video was over 13 minutes and my thought was "Are they crazy? No one is going to watch a 13 minute video". I didn't intend to, but I watched the entire 13 minute video and longed for more. I don't know if this is the proper terminology, but I liked the way it "played". I felt attached to the park, which I hope to visit one day and it looked like the children were having so much fun. I have since watched numerous videos on this site and think what you are doing in wonderful. I don't understand exactly how you are able to make what I would consider essentially home videos for public consumption, but I really like and appreciate it. It was very refreshing to watch something that wasn't over commercialized for a change. Thank you and I will be watching your "home movies" in the future. Maxine - Maxine

SEEMYBEACH.COM RESPONSE: THEATER OF THE SEA: Hi Tish, We plan to make many more visits to Theater of the Sea and will post multiple videos on their page. Just enter "theater of the sea" into our search box and you'll see links to videos as they are created. Thanks for your trust in our opinion! That is why we only recommend places we think are great! When a business is on SeeMyBeach it says a lot about them...and vice versa... - Jacqui

THEATER OF THE SEA: We've passed Theater of the Sea on multiple occasions while traveling to Key West and always thought it was the typical tourist trap. I trust seemybeach and if they think it is a value, we will add it to our itinerary on our next trip. Note: I hope you will show a sample of the other shows... - Tish F.

THEATER OF THE SEA: I loved the video of Theater of the Sea! It reminded me of our own home movies and when the kids were at home. Very good job!Susan - Susan M.

THEATER OF THE SEA: Hi Rich, We agree! Theater of the Sea is incredible! Spread the word! - Jacqui

THEATER OF THE SEA: This place looks so great that my wife and I might fly down to the Keys just to visit THEATER OF THE SEA IN ISLAMORADA, FLORIDA! - Rich A.

THEATER OF THE SEA: SEEMYBEACH.COM RESPONSE: Hi Carmen, Thanks for your email and I wish I was able to make the trip to Theater of the Sea because it looks so amazing. I appreciate the comments about our crew. We try to respect the enjoyment of those at events just to have fun. I'm glad your son made our home page. He'll always be part of the site because the photos are permanently on display by entering theater of the sea into our search field. - Jacqui

THEATER OF THE SEA Hi, We are so excited that the seemybeach crew was at Theater of the Sea at the same time we were. My son was pictured in a photo that is playing on your home page and it was so fun to send the link to friends back home and let them know that Kenny is now officially a "Star!". Thanks again and the seemybeach people were so polite while working. Theater of the Sea is so much better than we expected. The park is beautiful and the staff was great with the kids. Carmen - Carmen

Hi Helen, Mako is so cute and such a pro! It's funny because when you met Ric (Daddy--he would never say "owner") he was in Hollywood researching where SeeMyBeach.com would go next. Hollywood lost out to South Beach this go-around, but we'll ge to them soon. Anyway, you'll see more adventures from Mako very soon! SeeMyBeach.com - Jacqui

Mako was so cute in the Miami Beach video. We met her in Hollywood, Florida when her and her owner were on the Boardwalk and have been following her ever since. My daughters even got their photos taken with Mako. It made them "cool in school" We hope to see her again. Helen - Helen Bosch

Hi, I love the Clevelander! It looks like so much fun. A friend from Miami sent me a link to your site and I can't wait to visit them and the Clevelander. It looks like one of the clubs out of a movie you think you'll never see in real life. Can't wait! I hope you'll show the rooms in detail. I looked on their website and they look really great. Maura - Maura

Great job Morgan!! You are every bit as pretty as your mom said!! She is my best friend from seventh grade from Portage North Jr. High!! xxoo - Darlene

Morgan was the bomb! Well poised, well spoken and well dressed! I'd look forward to her next report. - Laura Luera

Morgan did an AWESOME job!!!! - Debbie N

Hi Morgan, I did a beach report for seemybeach last year when my family was in Venice for the week and it was a lot of fun. Your beach report was great and really professional. I wish I could do beach reports for a living! Kelly - Kelly B.

Hi, I met your photographer at Woofstock in Islamorada and he was so nice and caring about animals. It was very refreshing to see a man that has no problem expressing a love of animals like him. I also met Mako! She is very sweet! - Kendra Allen

Hi, You asked for a comment on Morgan and I think she represented Venice very well. I've never been to Venice, but the water sure looks inviting. The scene with her in the water wearing the orange dress was inspiring. Great work to all! Kent - Kent

Loved Morgan Eberling's first foray into seemybeach.com. The camera loves her..hope she keeps them coming. -

I think she is very beautiful and did a fantastic job. Congratulations, Morgan! - Walt

That was her first time? She is a natural. Melody - Melody

Great job Morgan! You look like a model. - Lynn Thames

You did a great job Morgan! You made us want to come on over and enjoy Venice Beach!Love you! - Teddy & Alissa

Hi, We learned about Bobs Train on this site and it was a great experience for our kids. Bob was very accommodating and took my wife, myself and our girls on a personal tour of the train. The history was pretty cool and then we found out that Bob was actually part of the Circus and told us stories that we are still talking about. Thanks for letting us know about Bob and his train. It was an experience we will never forget. Arthur, Kim, Kelli and Jill - Arthur

SEEMYBEACH.COM RESPONSE: Hi Emily, FYI-Lakewood Ranch is in Sarasota, Florida. We agree, the Viking Store is very beautiful and so much better than we expected. The video is being edited (There are over 100 clips) We should have it up by the first of next week. (Around February 5 or 6) TheWineToBuy.com did a great job with the event and the people were having a great time. It was one of those "magical" nights... -

Hi, I just looked at the photos from the Viking store in Lakewood Ranch (Never heard of lakewood Ranch)and the store looks beautiful. When will the video be playing? (It says the main video is coming soon) Emily - Emily C.

SEEMYBEACH RESPONSE: Hi Tonya, I'm glad you checked out the video. No doubt...you would definately want a hovercraft. That was a pretty cool experience. Thanks for the positive comments on what we are doing. It is definately fun and exciting to be part of SeeMyBeach.com. I'm sure I'll see you around again, so take care, Ric - Ric

Rick: I just watched your hovercraft experience like you'd recommended for some of us to do the other day, while you were over at Nokomis, filming Mic's show. Looks like it would be a blast and something worth checking out if I get over that way. Knowing me, I'd probably want to own one after a 'trial' run.. :) So many possibilities with that kind of craft aye?? Keep up the good work and keep on filming. You're doing a wonderful job, and it looks like you're enjoying your job, which is the best part of all. Peace, Love, Truth, Unity Tonya - Tonya

SEEMYBEACH RESPONSE: Hi Kirsti, Thanks for your email. We just posted a new "Events" area on the left side of the Venice section. Just click on "Select a Beach" and select Venice and you'll see the Events on the left. Thanks! - Jacqui

Hey seemybeach, Out family is hoping to plan a trip to Venice in the near future. I have provided my email address. Please send information about events going on in the area. We like to plan vacations around events that are taking place. THX, Kirsti - Kirsti

Hi Jacqui. The photographer from SEE MY BEACH took my photo this past week while I was at Robbie's and posted it on your website (thank you!!!). I am the woman wearing the Disney/Mickey Mouse T-Shirt standing in front of the pelicans at Robbie's. I love the way you promote your website and the local areas in the Keys. I live in Toronto, Canada and this is the second year in a row that we have vacationed there. We really enjoy the various sites and things to do. My favourite thing this year was snorkeling off the reef at John Pennekamp State Park. Is it possible for me to get a copy of the picture of me that is on your website please? I would greatly appreciate this and it certainly would make this year's trip even more memorable. Thank you and have a wonderful long weekend! With kind regards, Laura - Laura

Hi seemybeach, My family has to thank you for opening our eyes to the wonderful city of Venice. We were already aware of Venice but were completely UNAWARE of all it has to offer. We made a trip recently and one of the highlights of our trip was Yoga on the beach. The visual of all of those people doing Yoga on the beach was captivating and even better than the video, sorry! We will use seemybeach as our resource for beach vacations and will try to use your advertisers whenever possible. Thanks for this site. Darlene and Ken - Darlene

Wonderful to sea Island Zumba & Yoga from Venice Florida on youtube...The teacher Mary Lynn has a wonderful teaching heart & EVERYONE LOVES HER!!!!! Makes me want to do Zumba!!! - Maxwell

From MadAboutOrganics We would like to comment on your video: Pawprint Essentials in Venice, FL Great video, and thank you for all of your support and showing your views the Mad About Organics Insect Relief Spray. :-) - Mad About Organics Insect Relief Spray

Enjoyed the Beach Bazaar video! Love that Louis Johnson. He's a credit to Parks and Rec. suzyque411 - Suzy

Hi Ric, I absolutely LOVE your videos! I can tell you really enjoy what you do. My family is going to visit Venice and I love the way you show all of the great places we can go. Venice looks AMAZING! Do you live in Venice? Mia - Mia

Hello, I have subscribed and added your channel to our Venice Florida Business list. Great Channel !! Thanks ! Tim AmericanApplianceUS - Tim

WOW, thanks for showing us the beach point resort in siesta key. We thought it was great and it was so conveniently located. We loved our whole trip! - Dwayne Carlisle

We go to the Keys every year and look forward to trying some new adventures. Thanks for pointing out the hover craft and pirate ship. We will be visiting both. - Emile

We stayed at the Chesepeake in Islamorada last year and it was a special time. We loved the Tiki area with the thatched roof and incredible view. - Carmen

Hello, We just read your February newsletter and wanted to let you know that we are some of the people who elected to visit Venice, Florida for the first time after leaning about the city through this website. Venice was so much fun and my son enjoyed hunting for shark's teeth. (He did find a few) We found the community to be very welcoming and have encouraged our friends to plan a trip to Venice. We appreciate that the community is supported by the businesses on your site, so we tell people to use the businesses on the site whenever possible. We appreciate the information your site provides and now see that you are in the Keys. We have never been to the Keys, but will be watching closely to learn about the area. My son is already pushing us to go there because of the Hovercraft...Oh well, we'll just have to take a few vacations next year! Thanks, The Harris' - The Harris Family

I have put this on all of my Venice/Sarasota Co. FB sites & have also contacted Venice/Sarasota Co. as to opposition to charging for yoga on Venice Beach. The beach should be free to all and everyone should be opposed to charging for this. Most everyone I have talked with agrees. It is taking away freedom. Thank you. - Paula Garavalia

The pirate ship looks like a lot of fun. It would have been neat to have seen it in action. - Michael

I'm glad to hear you are going to be working in the keys, because there is so much there, but it is very hard to find things. We like to explore, but knowing what "not to miss" would help maximixe our vacation time. The keys, all of them, is our most favorite vacation spot! Laurie - Laurie G.

Hi Seemybeach, We learned about Brohard dog beach in Venice through your site and made a family trip based on where we could vacation with our dogs. We loved everything about Venice! We look forward to exploring your beautiful site to learn about great beach vacation spots. We've forwarded your site to all of our friends. (We read your note to Venice as your first beach love and it was very moving.) We love your site and the true emotion and care shown by everyone involved. Mallory and Kent - Mallory and Kent

Hi Ric, You're kidding me. A guy just called that watched your video tour of suite 7 on see my beach and booked it for 2 weeks. This is too easy! Mike at Beachpoint Resort in Siesta Key - Mike Foran

We had to write in because we absolutely LOVED our stay at the Beachpoint Resort. We saw a video you made for Labor Day that had a "teaser" about the Beachpoint Resort and we researched it further and we ended up staying for a week in December. It was AMAZING because the weather was perfect! We took the time to explore Sarasota and that was another highlight of our trip. We may have never found Beachpoint Resort without seemybeach.com, so thanks! Mike and Allie Austin, Texas - Mike and Allie Kirkendall

I enjoy watching your videos and appreciate learning about the areas where you are working. I would love to learn more about the Keys in Florida. - Susan Kiber

I've been visiting (edited non-sponsor) for a couple of months now to see Swamp Donkie and think they are pretty awesome! John engages the crowd and is very funny at times. They are very entertaining, thanks for featuring them. - Kenneth

I am looking forward to the tour of the Ringling railroad car! Kim - Kim

Hi see my beach, I ran across a you tube channel where you were doing beach reports on a daily basis. I would love to start every day with a beach report from your wonderful beaches. Have you moved to a new channel and if so, where do I find it? Betty - Betty

i couldnt find my pics that you took of me mr.mathew and the igwanna(cosway)were can i find them? - elexas

I'm looking forward to the video on Bob's Train. I live and work in Sarasota and had no idea that it was here. - Nancy M.

I clicked your link and went to see the Manatee Camera and it was beautiful watching them slowly swim in the water. Thanks for the link! Amy - Amy C.

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I discovered Venice on your site last year and my family greatly anticipated our visit, from which we just returned home. I wanted to let you know how much we love Venice and how your site was so instrumental in leading us in the right direction. We corresponded with Jacqui on numerous occassions and thank her so much for her personal attention and for always making us feel like we weren't bothering her. We tried to support your sponsors when possible and let them know we were in Venice because of your site. Thanks for all you do and be assured that we are telling all of our friends about Venice and see my beach. Arlene - Arlene

Thanks for the beach accesses. In them I would like to see more footage of the actual water. - Anthony West

Hi seemybeach, I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE you showing the beach accesses. We stayed just down from #12 last year and it was like we were back. I just told my husband that we have to work out a trip to Siesta Key and soon! Thanks! The Weller's - The Weller's

I loved the photos of Bob's Train and can't wait to see the video! - Mark

Hi, I am planning to get married next year and would really like the Anna Maria Island beach as a setting. I would like to use vendors from your site, but there is nothing in your "Anna Maria" section. Do you have any idea when you will have wedding (and accommodations)vendors? I was given your site name by a friend who told me you take part of the money from my booking and support the community. I love this and want to be a part of giving back. Thanks so much! Kelly - Kelly McCall

I've been reading posts on your site and it sounds like you are having trouble getting businesses to sponsor your site. First of all, what are they thinking? I appreciate this site and how you protect the environment and seem to care about so much. My family will use your sponsors and only your sponsors when we are in Venice (about 2 weeks from now) From your videos, Venice looks pretty amazing! We can't wait! Marti - Marti Bain

Thanks for telling us about Venice. We loved the area and would have not gone to the Drum Circle had you not recommended it on your site. Admittedly, we are not the couple you would normally see at the Drum Circle, but we had one of the best times of our life. Thanks for making us aware of the wonderful city of Venice. Caroline and Art Kelley - Caroline Kelley

Hi, I would like to see more options on shopping. I loved seeing Foxy Lady and they will be the first place we visit on our vacation to Siesta Key, although my husband may argue. Thanks for the great site! Arlene - Arlene B.

Hi Seemybeach! My family was in your video at the Village Gourmet in Siesta Key. You were nice to us and we enjoyed our meal so much we bought their prepared meals several nights during our trip. We will use Seemybeach when planning our future trips to the beach. Thanks for including us! The Martins - Benny

I just wanted to share a post I made for you on "WOT" which rates child safety on the web. Thansk for what you do. (Here is a link http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/seemybeach.com )see my beach is actually a pretty amazing site! They do great things for the community and are at a lot of charity events. My 10 year old daughter loves the site and I can trust that there is never any negative articles or photos. It is really nice to be able to let her watch video after video and never have to worry about her. She actually wants to "make her own business that makes money and does good things" Wish there were more like this one... Mia " - Mia G.

I just watched the video with Maco at the Gourmet Shop and it was adorable! I can't believe the dog rides in the Pedicab alone! - Shirley V.

Hi, I'm getting married in March and am considering Venice or Siesta Key. Which do you think is better for a beach wedding? I know you make videos, do you provide that service for weddings? - Kelli

I'm so happy for this website and appreciate what you are doing for my hometown of Venice. Jane W. - Jane Wright

A sampling of feedback from our Sand Sculpture coverage:
I hope you had a great week.  I wanted to touch base again and thank you for the coverage from the beach volleyball event.  I would like to set up a time to chat on the phone or meet about how we can work together in the future.
Megan Wallin
I was sent a link to your site today to see the photos and videos from the event and thought this was an isolated event you filmed. I watched quite a few of your videos and look forward to viewing your presentations in the future. John L.
Hi, I intended to come over to Siesta Key on Sunday (I live in Venice) to see the sand sculptures, but now I'm coming over tomorrow and Sunday. It was fun to see the 'before' work. Thanks for the great job you do seemybeach
I love the guys throwing the sand up to each other! It was cool seeing a m oment of how the sand sculptures are made. I would love to see more of this. Ken
I wish I could see the sand sculptures in person. I live in Arkansas and could not make it. Thanks for making videos for us to watch.
The sand scupltures are very cool!
Why do they tear down the sand sculptures so soon? It would have been nice to view them without the crowds.
Your coverage of the sand sculptures was fantastic. We are arriving in Siesta Key next week and would have tried to make the trip earlier if we had known how great they are. Thank you for showing me! The Davis Family of Knoxville, Tennessee

An example of how our system works...
Hi Ric,
You did a wonderful presentation on an event we held here to raise money for the M&M Pet rescue and I wanted to know if you would be so kind to come to our 2nd Annual Dice and Diamonds event where we are raising money for our local Women of the Moose who will donate all of it to Moose Charities.  We have sold 250 tickets already and expect it to be a fantastic event.  I have attached a flyer with the date, time etc... Please let me know so I can you a sponsor ticket to the event as it is sold out!
Thank you,
Therese M. Williams, Executive Director
Aston Gardens Pelican Pointe
Hi Therese,
Thanks for the positive feedback on our MM coverage. Jacqui handles our scheduling and coverage funds, so I will copy her on this and have her get back with you. It sounds like a great event, so we will be glad to help promote it either way. You'll hear from her by tomrrow.
Hi Therese,
Ric forwarded me your coverage request and I have gone over the details of your event. We do have availability on both the date and funds for the coverage and processing of the video and photos. We have also posted your flyer in our 'Venice Events and activities' section. The 'on-location' coverage and processing and uploading of content is expensive and time consuming, but always FREE for charity events. The coverage money comes from a fund that is supported by the generous sponsors of this site. Our sponsors put their money where their heart is, so please be sure to let everyone know that businesses on our site enable our FREE coverage. The more sponsors we have, the more positive things we can do in the community. Let's start giving our money to the businesses that deserve it! We look forward to attending your wonderful event.

Lexi L. (Miss Sun Fiesta 2011)
Hey Ric!
Sorry I took a while to reply, it has been a very busy week!  I just sent some pictures to Jacqui.  I also saw your videos from the Sun Fiesta on SeeMyBeach.com!  They were awesome.  I'm so glad I was able to meet you, and thank you again!

Hi, I'm Drenna R. - Co-Chairman of Sun Fiesta for this year and also Chairman of the Sun Fiesta Idol.  I love, love, love your coverage of the Sun Fiesta.  What a terrific job you've done!!  I was wondering if there would be a video of Sun Fiesta Idol.  Thanks for all you've done.  Drenna

Thank you for covering the Sun Fiesta event.  I was working the event and didn't get to see the parade.  Thanks to you I can see it now.
Great coverage.

You did a fantastic coverage of the Sun Fiesta!!!!!   I am a member of Women's Sertoma and I was in charge of the Miss Sun Fiesta Pageant and I really appreciate your beautiful pictures!!!! 
Congratulations on a job very well done and THANK YOU!!!

FB (A sampling of the comments from our Viva La Pink Coverage)
Jody Schilling-Siefert
Thanks See My Beach for the great coverage of Viva La Pink!!
Team Believe
Great Support...Thanks See My Beach
Kelly Abercrombie
Thank you See My Beach for your awesome support of Viva La Pink Bra Contest. You all rock!!!

(From our Campassionate Friends Coverage. Vivian is the Sarasota Chapter Leader)
Vivian Filippone Kehrer
Thank You for all you support with the walk for The Compassionate Friends. Ric was absolutely wonderful and the video is AWESOME!!
I just posted the video on the Group site for my daughter on FB:  In Memory of (Name withheld). I am going to send emails out to friends and family in the Detroit area of Michigan, Titusville, FL, Melourne, FL, Denver, CO and here in Bradenton, FL.   thank you for supporting this event.  Robin

Dear Ric,
It was nice meeting you today at the Save the Circus contest awards today.  Thanks so much for taking pictures at the event.  We are looking forward to seeing the pictures you took.  Where on this site will we find the pictures?  Will there be a specific gallery for them?
Becky B

I think what you are doing for our local beach communities is wonderful. I have been sending your site around to my friends and they all want to immediately come to our area! I've been telling them Sarasota (where I live) is great and now they can see it for themselves. Most of them have fallen in love with Venice as well. I hope you will get more advertisers because that is the only negatives I have heard. They want to use businesses on your site and there are not enough to choose from in some categories. I'm just thinking...maybe your rates are too high. I don't know but I'm trying to help. Please keep up the good work and many others like me are appreciative of your efforts for our community.
Alexis in Sarasota
COMMENT: (Coming Soon)

Here are just a sampling of Pam Johnson's email correspondence, beginning with the first email we received from her. There are many more! (Pam is the Public Information Officer from the City of Venice)
Hi, I'm Pam Johnson, marketing and communications officer for the City of Venice, and I love your Web site. I would like to link the Venice, FL portions to our Web site: www.venicegov.com. Hope that will be ok with you. Let me know.
Wow! You did such a nice job of showing off the park! And, you made me look good. Did I ever love watching the Golden Retrievers on the beach. Thanks, Ric. Pam
The site is looking good. I'll be excited to see the other park and bridge videos that I haven't seen yet. I saw the circus and haunted avenue. Very fun site!
Ric, this is so cool. I never knew so many people were doing yoga on the beach. Also, thanks for letting me preserve Sam's memory in his photos.
I'm really loving your work.

Hi, I have been watching see my beach since the beginning  (I live in Venice) and I am so happy to see that you seem to be doing so well.  We need more businesses that take an active interest in supporting their community. Keep it up!
Amy C

Hi Rick,
I was sent a link to your website and I absolutely love it! We have visited Venice several times over the past few years and have always been told we should go see the drum circle. We always intend to go, but never seem to be able work it into our visit. My husband and I just watched your video of the drum circle and I assure you that we will not miss it on our next trip. Thank you for your website and exposing people to the wonderful activities in Venice.

I went to seemybeach.com about two weeks ago and watched a few videos and went back tonight and the whole look of the site has changed...for the better. I absolutely LOVE the photo gallery. The dog photos are amazing. Keep up the good work!
H. Jackson

Hi seemybeach.com,
I just learned of your website this evening and have already watched several videos. I look forward to seeing a new view of the beach every day. I would love for you to include more detail about the area where you are making the videos. I think my next vacation just might be the beach instead of the mountains!
Thanks for the reports!
Fiona C.

Hi seemybeach.com,
I love the beach reports and had never thought that the beach access points could add so much to a trip. We are going to base our next vacation on areas where cool beach accesses are located. Can you give a little more detail about the area surrounding the beach accesses?

Lisa S.
Just found your YouTube videos of Venice - LOVE THEM! Thanks!

Hi Ric,I spoke with you last week at the dog beach in Venice. You featured my dog Sundae in your video and pictures. I just wanted to thank you, and tell you what a great website you have, its absolutely beautiful! We appreciate what a positive  image you showed of the dog beach and the Venice area. Thank you for stopping by, and come back to 'The Best kept Secret In Florida, Venice Island'. Thanks for the video and pictures of our little sugar bear. Your dog mako, is a real star! keep up the good work and have fun doing it.
See you at the dog beach. Kim

Here is some of the first feedback and comments to SeeMyBeach.com. Be sure to include some additional info, so we can post where you are from.
By Email: 
Hi seemybeach,
I would like to say thank you for what your company is doing. I enjoy getting a daily view of the beach and look forward to when you will have more content in the beach areas. We vacation in the panhandle nearly every year and will use your website to decide where we are going this summer. I am from Benton, Tennessee.
Stephanie Lewis
I love the beach reports and had never thought that the beach access points could add so much to a trip. We are going to base our next vacation on areas where cool beach accesses are located. Can you give a little more detail about the area surrounding the beach accesses?
Austin, TX 
(Location not given)
Hi Rick,
I love looking at your beach, I assume you live in the Panhandle. I look forward to more videos of the beach in Pensacola and hope you'll include activities on the beach although I know we are in the right season for that. I will be watching your videos every day!
Mary D.
St. Paul, MN
 Hi seemybeach.com,
I just learned of your website this evening and have already watched several videos. I look forward to seeing a new view of the beach every day. I would love for you to include more detail about the area where you are making the videos. I think my next vacation just might be the beach instead of the mountains!
Thanks for the reports!
Fiona C. 
(Location not given)
I went to seemybeach.com about two weeks ago and watched a few videos and went back tonight and the whole look of the site has changed...for the better. I absolutely LOVE the photo gallery. The dog photos are amazing. Keep up the good work!
H. Jackson
Butler, WI
Hi There,
Do you have any recommendations on where to stay? We will be in Pensacola for Christmas this year. Not a beach vacation, but since it is a beach area I though you might have a recommendation.
Alice W.
(Location not given)
I just sent your link to some friends and was wondering if you intend to add a newsletter link? I would love to have beach information on a regular basis. 
Chris D.
Atlanta, Ga
I love See My Beach!
I really like the featured reports with businesses and would like to see some with restaurants. We are planning a trip in July and will use See My Beach as our planner. (Hopefully you'll have the site populated soon)
Emily S.
Tallahassee, FL
Hey, Here is some feedback. I would like to hear beach reports from various people instead of the same guy every time. I know you do that on the sponsored reports and I think they are better.
Kevin S.
(Location not given)
By You Tube: 
I love your videos and the website photos!
This is a great idea! My friend told me about your website and the daily beach reports. Now I know how I will begin every day...with a trip to the beach!
We're vacationing in Destin next summer and I'll will be watching your videos and website.
I'm ready to come see your beach!
I love the videos with Kiran, she is so cute!
Hi seemybeach,
Thank you so much for the daily beach reports! I plan to start everyday seeing the beautiful beaches in your area. We live in Chicago and it is not always 'beachy beautiful' here.
I think the videos with the kids are adorable! What a wonderful experience for them!
Thanks for the beach reports! We're fans of the beach and can't wait to see other areas covered. We love Myrtle Beach and would love to see reports from there. Rob
I'm a Cat Lover, but the dog in this video is adorable!
Love the videos of the beach conditions. Would love to talk/partner with you about shooting more diversified locations. Thank you and keep up the good work! :-D
We love the videos and we're even going to request a beach report. THAT'S AWESOME! We're also going to do an article about your site. We'll be in touch...

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